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Honest News? or Dishonest News?

What you would call dishonest news, I believe, comes from the level of importance a person places on a story.  We live in a time where news travels so fast that the entire world has become a small village. ( the village effect )  It is hard for people to understand how likely a story will affect them in their local area. Historically people came to conclusions or levels of importance based on emotion and proximity. Now story importance, I believe, has changed by how well the story is told. Video images, sound bites. For example, a written story of a person getting shot in a far way place versus a live video of a person being shot in a far way place versus a verbal I witnessed the story of a person being shot 5 minutes ago and one block from your home. The first and last examples appear to have become the same thing, stored in memory in the same place.

CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC have become so good at telling the story the relative importance for the individual has been lost.

A suggested Guild to help dull the entertainment value/un-useful hype of our modern-day newscasts and lead to higher comprehension for viewers.

FCC National Rating System for all televised news stories

A story should be rated on how it will affect the listener/viewer.

1 to 5

Green to Red

  • World Wide
  • Continental
  • National
  • State
  • Local

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